LAMINAM SHINES IN ALL IT'S GLORY | Italian Deli/Grocery ‘Dalina’ Launch In Vancouver's China Town

by Andrew Morrison | I’ve been keenly watching Dalina from a distance for months now, curious as to what the Chinatown newcomer might have in store when it launches on December 3rd. I took a sneak peek inside at progress late last week and was surprised at just how big and slick it was. Located at 687 Main Street, it’s all of 3,000 sqft. That translates into lots of space for retail food shelving, not to mention a row of frozen and refrigerated items, a modest sized prep kitchen, a big LAMINAM service island complete with hot, ready things for dining in or taking out (pastas, soups, stews, polenta, salads, breads, etc.), a fully equipped espresso bar, and some 16 seats inside with possibly another 15-20 outside. They’re also hoping to have it licensed for beer and wine at some point down the road, so it’s fixing to attract in several ways.

The iconic style of this new comer retail operation is lavishly accented with its sprawling counters of Callacatta Laminam Venato slabs. The Laminam ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size, 12 and 5,6 mm thick, are designed for the world of furnishings, as horizontal surfaces ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops, and can also be used in the building industry for facades and walls. Thanks to their excellent technical performance, Laminam slabs are ideal for the most delicate of uses, requiring maximum hygiene and resistance. The aesthetic virtues of the large size offer a major artistic advantage, guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings, in sophisticated, natural shades.

Designed by Andrea Greenway with a gorgeous lighting installation of copper pots by Matthew McCormick, the modern Italian delicatessen and grocery store is coming to us from the Bosa group of companies, a homegrown business behemoth that could very well have built the building you’re reading this in.

DALINA was inspired by the notion of experience in every subtle sophisticated detail. From the thoughtfully selected materials we chose to create a warm and inviting environment, to the carefully chosen beans that go into each of our handcrafted beverages, to the unique selection of goods we carry on our shelves - there's no detail that has gone unattended.