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Case Study - Reconstruction of the railway station in Potsdam almost overnight

The Bahnhofspassagen in Potsdam is a highly frequented location with more than 70,000 visitors every day. Opened in December 1999, the Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam is one of the first projects in Germany to combine station and shopping mall.

The Task

In 2016, among other things, the entire floor with around 6,500 sq.m was to be renovated and the special task was to carry out the refurbishment during ongoing operation. This task places special challenges for planners, processors and materials. An additional requirement was to keep dust and noise pollution as low as possible for travellers and residents as well as a tight time frame.

Train station with old flooring

The solution

In order to keep the restrictions low, work was done exclusively at night. It was not an option to completely remove the existing floor of a concrete block: time-consuming and expensive. The use of thin-laminate ceramics from Laminam in 5mm thickness was the solution so that the existing soil had to be sanded only slightly.

Remove the floor

In the next step, a completely flat surface was created using a special universal mortar. On this subsoil, Laminam's large-format tiles were laid in the format 3000x1000 mm, which, due to the small joint portion, make the mall appear spacious and modern. For this particular project, the total quantity of 7,000 square meters was produced in a single batch, so that not only the waste was small, but also the laying was enormously facilitated. Laminam processing also creates little dust or noise.