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Stone Tile International is a privately owned, family run business founded over 20 years ago with a mandate to lead the surfaces industry with exceptional product, performance- driven results and personalized customer service. Renowned within the Architecture and Design Industry as “The Source” for curated collections, technical knowledge, and tactical delivery, Stone Tile continues to be valued for not only for its cutting edge selections but its organizational merits and solid business practices.

Whether it is guiding manufacturing and distribution to higher levels, launching new product rollouts, expanding into new operating environments, or continually driving process improvements, Stone Tile's business strategy is to provide efficiency and excellence at every stage of the customer experience. Large scale corporate customers and walk-in showroom clientele alike can be confident in Stone Tile’s strong leadership, purchasing power and financial ability to handle any type of volume.

Stone Tile prides itself on nurturing a team of hands-on specialists in all aspects of the surfaces business. From financial acumen, strategic planning, buying prowess, product innovation, sales and marketing, technical expertise, installation and customer service, every member of Stone Tile’s growing family of 160 are united in their passion for an unparalleled experience.