Floor Tiles Toronto

Here at Stone Tile, we know that selecting the best floor tiles in Toronto for your project is key. These are the floors that your family and pets are going to be walking across for years. Your children may take their first steps on these floors. The floors are going to see a lot of spills, a lot of messes, and will play a significant role in creating family memories for years into the future.

With all that said, picking the right material for your tiles is key. Here are some of the most common types of floor tiles in Toronto to choose from and some of the benefits of each.


There are many benefits to ceramic floor tiles in Toronto. You may be surprised to know, in fact, that ceramic tiles have a lot of health benefits as well as just being a beautiful product for your flooring. With proper maintenance, ceramic tile will never need to be replaced, either.

Ceramic is perhaps best known for its durability, and with an impressive resume to show for it: Ancient Rome and Egypt still have tile installations that are completely intact, while Pompeii has beautiful examples of tile work that has stood the test of time.


It would be impossible to talk about floor tiles in Toronto without mentioning glass. Although glass often gets a bad rap regarding flooring, it's not the fragile surface you may be thinking. Glass is smoother and tends to be more slippery, and it is also more fragile and more expensive than other tiles.

However, glass earned its place on this list by being a beautiful option that will automatically bring your house into “luxury” status. For a genuinely spa-like feel in your master bathroom, or to be reminded of an upscale restaurant every time you enter your kitchen, glass is an excellent choice.


Stone is a great choice for floor tiles in Toronto, especially if you're going for a more natural feel. When many people think of stone tiles, they automatically believe that it’s damage resistant. While there is part of this that is true, stone tile does need to be regularly maintained.

Stone is a porous surface, which means it is susceptible to water damage if it isn’t sealed properly. You will need to have it professionally sealed as well as make sure it’s maintained to keep the seal—and by extension the stone—in good condition.


Last but not least, porcelain tile is a worthy contender. It tends to be more expensive than some of the other tile flooring option but offers an incredibly low maintenance option that many people hate to pass up. In other words, you may pay more for the material up front, but you’ll save money in maintenance costs over time for sure.

When choosing floor tiles in Toronto, make sure that you’re picking the right material first and foremost. This will help ensure that your family stays safe, your project comes in under budget, and you have more time doing the things that matter most to you with the most important people in your life.